Roo-tid is nestled in the beautiful surroundings of the New Forest. With its endless offering of trees, streams and wildlife, it truly is a playground full of inspiration. Our animal illustrations originate from forest walks, muddy adventures and the odd ‘sunshine’ stroll. We are always snapping away to capture the often unnoticed moments in our otherwise busy world.

From the owl that hoots in our wooded garden to the cheeky woodpecker that strolls up the office path and the forever busy blue tits building their homes. Each hand drawn illustration and pattern offers a quick glimpse into the brilliant lives of our wild neighbours.

We are proud to say each product is designed, printed and manufactured in the UK, using reactive inks on 100% cotton for high quality finished textiles and eco-friendly toners on papers originating from responsibly managed forests.

Our parting gift to each item is for it to be lovingly wrapped no matter where its destination. So either gift yourself or a loved one and bring a little of the outdoors into your home.


With vibrant colours and bold shapes, our launch collection of animal illustrations has arrived! Originating from the beautiful Dewlands woods snugged behind our office space, each furry neighbour has a part to play in this characterful range. Available in Tea Towels, Oven Gloves, Aprons, Cushion Covers, Tote Bags, Greeting Cards and A3 Prints.


Roo-tid - About Us - Carly


Co-Founder of Roo-tid and mother of two naughty house rabbits!
Lover of all things rustic. A sucker for all things patterned. Dreamer to all things that involve owning a farm… (!)
Oh, and i draw a little too… animal illustrations & patterns!

Roo-tid - About Us - Speckle


House rabbit No 1 with her beautiful soft fur and cow like markings. You’ll ‘never’ find her munching electrical cables, destroying them in one swift bite, nor is she the sassiest food diva in all the land… nope, not at all!

Roo-tid - About Us - Chubbs


House rabbit No 2 with his handsome large ears and white bunny tail. You’ll never find him digging every inch of carpet in a matter of seconds of being left alone, nor is he the grumpiest old man when you touch ‘his’ stuff… nope, not at all!

Roo-tid - About Us - Rob


A fine specimen who puts up with all the daily shenanigans, food shops to cook the most delicious meals all while entertaining my next impractical home ‘improvement’ idea… otherwise known as the husband.

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Rolling country hills, thick woodland forests, calm flowing streams, picturesque local pubs, wild donkeys, horses, sheep, cows, pigs and more! This is home and It’s safe to say we are very fortunate to live and work in such an incredible place that inspires our animal illustrations!